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How Can Noah Project Help Me?

We Can Help You Before You Leave

You can call the crisis hotline just to talk about your situation whenever it is safe. We can provide you with:
  • Safety Planning
  • Knowing What to Plan For
  • Minimizing the Danger Before You Leave
  • Documenting the Abuse

We Can Help You

We have a secure shelter where you and your kids can live while you escape the violence in your home. We help secure transportation to the shelter and provide the basic things you need to live while you're staying at the shelter, including food, toiletries, baby supplies, and school supplies. Our shelter is secure and confidential, and we can help you get to another shelter if you are not safe in Abilene. All of our services are also available to non-resident clients who don't need to stay in the shelter.

We Can Help You Move On

We can help you deal with the emotional trauma of leaving a relationship, help you clarify your goals, and help you develop a plan to reach them. Noah Project will advocate for you with other agencies and government programs to help you make the best use of community resources.

We Can Help You Stay Out

We have ongoing, weekly support groups where you can connect to other survivors. We can provide on site professional counseling.


Local: 325.676.7107

Someone You Can Talk To

Our hotline has 24-hour availability. Hotline calls are completely anonymous and completely confidential. You can tell us as much or as little information as you are comfortable sharing, and we will not pressure you.

How We Can Help

Calling our hotline:
  • Helps you identify violence and abuse
  • Gives you a highly trained professional advocate to speak with
  • Allows your voice to be heard and believed

Connecting to Services

The hotline worker's main job is to help you get away from immediate danger and either bring you in to the shelter or make arrangements for you to see an advocate.

You can also email us at
There are many things you can do to minimize your danger during all stages of a violent relationship. These links will take you to pages at They can get you started on safety planning, but if you are in a violent relationship please call our hotline at 1.800.444.3551 to talk with an advocate about a personalized safety plan designed for your specific situation.

Safety With an Abuser
Getting Ready to Leave
After You Have Left
Going to Court
Safety in Rural Areas
Internet Security
Noah Project offers a safe place to escape violence in your home. We provide all of the essentials for living, including food, toiletries, baby supplies, etc. We will assist you with safe transportation to the shelter. The shelter is confidential, in a secure location, and client parking is available. You can bring your kids or other family members who are in danger. We do offer shelter to male clients, and we can provide emergency shelter to unaccompanied youth.

What Should I Expect?

New Environment

It can be scary to call an unknown agency or move to an unfamiliar environment, so we hope that knowing a little bit about what to expect can make it easier.

Moving in to the Shelter

The first step in accessing our service is completion of an "Intake Packet". When you get to the shelter, an intake worker will sit down with you to complete the packet. Completing the packet typically takes about 30 minutes. The intake packet records information about you and your kids, documents the history of abuse, and is where you sign the agreements to receive services. After the intake packet is complete, the worker will give you a tour of the shelter, provide you with toiletries and bedding, and help you get settled in your room.

Life in the Shelter

There are several bedrooms in the shelter. We try to help as many individuals as possible, so families may have to share rooms. Each regular bedroom has 4 beds. Each handicap accessible room has at least two twin beds. We have portable baby cribs available for small children. Each bedroom has its own private bathroom, walk-in closet and personal storage

The Kitchen, dining room, playroom, and living room are common areas shared by all clients. Meals are provided in the shelter’s dining room. This is your home while you are here and we ask that you share in the responsibility of keeping the home clean.

This is an at will facility which means you will need to express the desire to be here and are free to come and go as you please. For safety reasons, we do have a curfew.

Child care is not provided on site, but we help find child care arrangements. We have a special room designated for teenagers while at the shelter. It is equipped with a television, books, etc. There is also a computer lab available for job searches, online classes, etc. For safety reasons we ask that you not use the computer for social media.

This is a secure location and we do our best to make sure you and your family are as safe as possible. We ask that you help us with this by not telling anyone where you are living. Family and friends who call can leave messages for you, but we will not confirm or deny that you are staying with us.

Your Advocate and Plan of Service

Your advocate is a Noah employee who helps you achieve your goals. Your advocate will work with you on a "Plan of Service" to help you achieve your goals. Your advocate can help you work with the legal system, work with other agencies, and access community resources.
Noah Project has an attorney on site. The attorney can assist only clients who are current clients of Noah Project and will help with:
  • Filing Protective Orders
  • Filing Crime Victims Compensation
  • Divorce
  • Child Custody
  • Housing issues

You don't have to live in the shelter to get help!

Noah Project is more than just a shelter. We also provide outreach services to help non-resident clients who don't need the safety of the shelter.

Plan of Service

We can help you set goals for your life and help you reach those goals. We can help you connect with community resources for child care, legal concerns, housing, education, employment, and public benefits.

Ongoing Support

Advocates can help you work through the emotional trauma of leaving a relationship. Survivors give each other strength and encouragement at our weekly support groups. We can help you get long-term, professional counseling.

Outreach in All Counties

Noah Project provides outreach services in all 10 counties served, called 325.676.7107 to find out when an advocate will be in your area.
Counseling services are available to individuals and families impacted by family violence, domestic violence and dating violence. Appointments are free of charge.

We have a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Associate on staff providing counseling services for:
  • Residents
  • Outreach Clients
  • Individuals
  • Families
  • Children

Therapy Includes but is not limited to:
  • Art therapy
  • Play therapy
  • Family therapy
  • Individual therapy