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Employment Opportunities

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Executive Director

General Description: The Executive Director is responsible for the administration and operation of all facets of Noah Project, including--but not limited to--fund-raising, public relations, financial services, staffing, counseling, and all shelter and outreach centers. The Director is responsible for all organizational aspects of the Project; ultimately responsible for supervision of all staff, counselors and caseworkers, trainees, and volunteers; directing the program in all areas related to delivery of client services.

Classification: Exempt

Essential Job Functions:
    A. The overall operation of Noah Project.
    B. Noah Project Foundation Board involvement and participation, as directed by the Foundation Board.
    C. Fund-raising:
      1. Will develop and recommend a viable fund-raising strategy.
      2. Will develop and submit grant proposals for new funds from city, county, state, and federal agencies, and the general public.
      3. Will identify public and private opportunities as needs arise in coordination with the Board.
      4. Will assure continued creative efforts to secure funding.
      5. Will stay abreast of funding trends and apply for appropriate state level committees.
    D. Supervising the receiving and disbursing of all funds, and generating and maintaining the budget in consultation with the treasurer of the Board of Directors and Noah Project CFO.
    E. Public Relations:
      1. Will maintain visibility and a strong positive image for Noah Project.
      2. Will act as center spokesperson/liaison with other social agencies, local/state government agencies, law enforcement, the media, and the community.
      3. Will promote community education concerning the issue of family violence and sexual assault and will supervise community relations efforts.
    F. Supervise the design, development, implementation, and maintenance of ongoing programs for the provision of client services.
    G. Communicating and cooperating with other family violence and sexual assault programs and with organizations, committees, and individuals working on aspects of family violence.
    H. Staff Development:
      1. Will coordinate the staff, including the hiring, supervision, evaluating, and terminating regular, part-time, and volunteer staff.
      2. Will recommend proposals to the Human Resources Committee regarding staffing levels, salaries, and benefits.
      3. Will conduct staff development through staff meetings and continued education programs within and outside the agency.
      4. Maintain the current staff policy and procedures manual.

Minimum Qualifications:
A. Graduation from an accredited university. A licensable degree program (e.g., psychology, marriage and family therapy, social work, etc.) and/or masters degree preferred.
B. At least three years of full-time employment in a social service organization and at least one year’s experience in a full-time administrative capacity.

Supervision: The Executive Director reports to and is responsible directly to the Board of Directors and Chair thereof.

Selection Procedure: Applicants for this position will be screened and interviewed in accordance with the Job Posting and Hiring Procedure. The Executive Director is selected by the Board of Directors or a committee.

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Noah Project is an equal-opportunity employer.

Primary Prevention Specialist

General Description: The PPS is responsible for two major areas:
Community Education - including written materials and programs for family violence and primary prevention presentations; delivery of primary prevention education in schools.
Admin/Dev Support: including support with fundraisers, resource fairs, events and other duties as assigned.


Salary: Full time | $24,000 + DOE | health Ins. | PTO and other benefits.| Presentations in schools, agencies, etc | Bachelor’s in Education preferred.

Essential Job Functions:
    A. Coordinate primary prevention presentations with schools in Noah Project 10 county service area.
    B. Conduct speaking presentations on family violence and prevention in schools; coordinate with the Primary Prevention Director to ensure that other requests for speakers are fulfilled. Presentations include all prevention programs.
    C Develop/revise all primary prevention curricula and programs to be used in schools.
    D. Support Community Education initiative by attending resource fairs, etc. with NP materials.
    E. Aid in training of volunteers and new staff.

Minimum Qualifications:
A. Graduation from an accredited four-year college or university with a major course of study in education, development, public relations, communication, or a related field.
B. At least two years of experience in a professional position related to this job description.
C. The above qualifications may be waived in their entirety by the Executive Director with documented evidence of significant success in the areas listed.

Screenable Job Requirements:
    A. Ability to communicate both in writing and verbally.
    B. Ability to maintain a professional appearance in both manner and attire.
    C. Willingness to work a flexible schedule, especially when required for volunteer shifts or speaking engagements.
    D. Ability to work with a variety of groups, both internal and external to the organization, in a continuing quest to enhance Noah Project, Inc.
    E. Ability to present effectively to broad range of school age children, teens and university age adults.
    F. Willingness to perform tasks outside of the job description.

Supervision: The PPS is supervised by the Executive Director or as assigned.

Selection Procedure: Applicants for this position will be screened and interviewed in accordance with the Job Posting and Hiring Procedure.

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Noah Project is an equal-opportunity employer.